Mollie is a passionate and devoted educator. Her first foray into Theatre Education was as an Education Intern with the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Summer 2019. Since then, Mollie has taught with Lunchbox Theatre and Bronxville Ballet, as well as offering virtual private tutoring (as an affiliated tutor and Arts Tutoring Coordinator with EduMate NYC) and in-person home teaching during the pandemic. In her role as Arts Tutoring Coordinator, Mollie is working to develop and expand EduMate's arts tutoring services, in the hopes of bettering educational equity for NYC public school students. Additionally, Mollie developed her own Zoom fitness class to provide a physical outlet for fellow college students in quarantine. For business inquiries, please email Mollie directly.

stc lesson plan.jpg

One of Mollie's lessons from her Education Internship at Shakespeare Theatre Company, 2019