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juice (Full-length) Cast size: 8-10

Juicy Moosey is a juice bar in a wealthy NYC neighborhood, and both a home and a hellscape to its little band of workers. The workers come together, fall apart, and grow up, all in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.










Reading: Sarah Lawrence College, 2022, dir. Megan Hamm

Read it here, watch it here

If It Weren't for the Women, We'd Still Be Stuck in the Desert 

(Full-length) Cast size: 5

Naomi Bensoussan is a fifth-year rabbinical student hard at work on her thesis about Rahab, the Tanakh’s favorite sex worker. Naomi’s journey to complete the project is aided and interfered with by several patriarchs and matriarchs, a potential lover, and of course, Rahab herself.


Read it here

The Tin Man's Daughter (Full-length) Cast size: 4

Tina, the Tin Man's teenaged daughter, embarks on an epic adventure in search of a new body with her best friends, Beau and Rain. The trio's heartwarming journey features everything from magical beasts to Taylor Swift.

Reading: The Bechdel Group, 2024, dir. Clare Solly

Photo by Clare Solly

Read it here


Hartford (40-minute) Cast size: 3

It's a way too-early morning on a train platform at Hartford Union Station. We meet Babyface, a young woman who defines herself as "pedophile-bait." This is her story. She is alone until she isn't.

Reading: The Bechdel Group, 2020

Read it here

untitled fanfiction play :).pdf (25-minute) Cast size: 5

Max is 17 and loves to write fanfiction about the YA fantasy series, Smells Like Teen Magic. Their favorite character, Isabel, is suddenly knocking on their door, but it's not just one Isabel. Both the character as Max envisioned her, and the character as the author originally imagined, have come barging into Max’s life. Magic and mayhem ensues.













Reading: Personal Pizza Party, 2023, dir. Lee Melillo

Photo by Natália Guedes 


Read it here

E (and T) Go to the Pride Parade (35-minute) Cast size: 4

It's the day of the Pride March, and longtime partners E and T are preparing for the big event. As they bicker and reminisce, E and T find themselves swept up in a world of surrealist art, transformation, and most importantly - love.

Read it here

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