Mollie has written several plays, including Hartford, Or: A Hellish Haven for Exceptionally Strong Quirky Lesbian Sexual Trauma Survivors, which received a reading with The Bechdel Group in November 2020, and Float, Or: How I Learned to Swim (Not to Be Confused with How I Learned to Drive Because the Content is Very Different Although Some of the Themes are Maybe the Same Maybe), which received a reading with Sarah Lawrence College in October 2020. Hartford was heralded as "beautiful" and "spark[ing] rich conversation." Mollie has studied playwriting with Melisa Tien, Sandra Daley, Cassandra Medley, and other acclaimed writers. Her plays are available on New Play Exchange, or upon request. 

Hartford Screencap.jpg

Still from Hartford, The Bechdel Group, featuring actors Mary Weaver (Babyface) and Ceara Ledwith (Brown-Eyed Femme), 2020