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juice (Full-length) Cast size: 8-10

Juicy Moosey is a juice bar in a wealthy NYC neighborhood, and both a home and a hellscape to its little band of workers. The workers come together, fall apart, and grow up, all in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.










Reading: Sarah Lawrence College, 2022, dir. Megan Hamm

Read it here, watch it here

Hartford (40-minute) Cast size: 3

It's a way too-early morning on a train platform at Hartford Union Station. We meet Babyface, a young woman who defines herself as "pedophile-bait." This is her story. She is alone until she isn't.

Reading: The Bechdel Group, 2020, dir. Gina Grandi

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E (and T) Go to the Pride Parade (35-minute) Cast size: 4

It's the day of the Pride March, and longtime partners E and T are preparing for the big event. As they bicker and reminisce, E and T find themselves swept up in a world of surrealist art, transformation, and most importantly - love.

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